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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 3, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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region. you can see a line of showers has moved from a west to east fashion. right now, much of the activity, you can see it from highway for you, pittsburgh to antioch, even oakley, main street. light showers at this hour. a couple of light sprinkles on the north bay. live doppler 7 showing you some light showers work through mark west springs as well. more showers are developing off the coastline. the next round of rain about, two hours away from us. and it does have the chance to bring us a thundershower this evening. these showers will stick around for a couple days. the winds will remain calm. we'll be hour by hour. we'll time out the storm over the next couple days.
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we'll have all the details in a few minutes. >> let's check out the santa cruz mountains. the residents are used to getting clobbered. >> david louie is finding people who are welcoming, not dreading the rain. >> reporter: it's hard to believe but yes, they do welcome the rain. this area is flown for it but people take it all astride knowing it is good for the vegetation. but they've also noticed something special. it's something in the air. these umbrellas have been sitting in the windows for three weeks at the drugstore, collecting dust and suffering from neglect. >> have you sold any in december? >> not yet, no. >> what about this month? >> i think we've sold a couple so far. >> the rain can take credit for that. boulder creek typically gets copious amounts of snowfall.
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>> i'm thrilled about the rain. >> i've noticed people don't pout hats or rain gear. >> that's for people who aren't used to it. >> reporter: but there are those who have a special technique for avoiding getting even a single drop on their head. the reservoir is low and ready to take run-off from today's storm and others to come. besides creating a mist, it is something else in the air. >> it's just fresh. kind of piney but not. it is not smelling smocky or smelling like the other icky smells. >> it has a name. it is a name created by to australian researchers in the 1960s. >> petrichor? that's cool.
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>> residents are waiting to see what the weeks ahead deliver. >> we're happy to have it. it's not very much though. >> are you worried that it will be too much? >> i'm not worried, no. >> reporter: the rain has stopped here in the mountains for now. we have a sun break right now. but now that umbrella sales have picked up, the people who bought them want to get some use out of them. david louie, abc7 news. >> thanks. we all learned something. meantime, crews in santa prepars like today trying to minimize the potential for flooding. burned out areas face a hire risk of flooding when it rains but you won't see the extra workers he during the storm. >> based on the work we've done and the size of the storm we're anticipating, the public works departments will have staff on hand and available. we won't be staffing like we had
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earlier in the winter. >> local officials also believe the rain will help regrow plants lost in october's fires and in the long run, that will stabilize the hillsides. >> rain in the bay area often means snow in the sierras. you can see a pretty big difference when you compare snow totals on your left, a nasa image of lake tahoe in 2016 and on the right, december 2017. a few weeks ago. today an annual snow survey was could not dugtd at phillips station at echo subtle. wasn't very good. we had no rain in december. state water watchers not panicking, at least not yet. >> it is supposed to be a snow survey. but it looked more like grass survey. that's when frank from the department of water resources did his first manual inspection
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of the new year. the results were not exactly up to par. >> at this location, we actually did find snow to measure. we had an average depth of 1.3 inches. a water content of .444 >> though it did look a bit better last year at this time, there wasn't p-more snow. just 17% of average. the record snowfalls came later in the season. >> it's early and we're obviously hopeful that there will be more snow the next time they come out here in the february, march and april snow melt surveys. >> just up the road, they're keeping a close eye on the sky hoping they will beef up the snow pack. >> we want a good season, full coverage, to be 100% open. >> many told us they're content
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with what is here. >> a little disappointing. we're making the best of the situation and there are enough runs. >> we're from ventura county so there's no snow there. so it's enough for us, yeah. >> near echo summit, laura anthony. state water officials said there's still plenty of time left in the season and the snow that matters most is the one that comes last. that's april first. you can keep track of the change go weather conditions. you can get updates from our weather team and you can monitor the forecast on the go. apparently a squirrel was responsible for a power outage at san jose university today. a squirrel. the school said it is not sure how but the animal somehow impacted distribution of power throughout the campus. the power went out around 10:00 this morning. it still has not been restored. watch out for this guy.
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san jose police say he sexually assaulted a school employee. today, police and harper middle school are stepping up security and spreading the image as far and wide as they can. >> it would be difficult to pretend it was normal today. that's because the reality is several police officers in their patrol cars were keeping watch a little more than 24 hours after a female employee was sexually assaulted and robbed inside a classroom. >> it's fine. we feel that they are doing everything they can. >> san jose police released this surveillance video of the suspect. they say this man snuck on to the campus is that committed the crime tuesday morning about an hour before the students started showing up. the victim a teacher and had arrived early to prepare a classroom for the first day of school after the winter break. she called 911.
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when police arrived, the man was gone. neighbors were shaken by the news. >> this was such a safe neighborhood. i never thought something would happen. >> harker release ad statement saying we are hopeful the efforts of the police and the community will result in a swift arrest. until that happened, students, parents and faculty can expect an increased police presence. >> you don't think would it happen at a school or a church but these days, there is no safe place. >> i can go to our went. if you recognize the man, call police. matt keller, abc sky 7 flew over the creek after a man died. his toyota stopped in a grove of trees near main street. paramedics rushed the man's passenger to the hospital after he was hurt and a 29-year-old driver who died lived in los angeles. the highway patrol officers want
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to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the accident. no word on whether drinking or drug use may have been involved. police chased a suspect through two cities before arresting two people. the drivers were blown out while police closed in. the truck also slammed boo an innocent bystander's car. no word if anyone was hurt. both suspects surrendered to police after officers surrounded the pick-up. the los angeles man will be sent to face charges. he waived extradition. he called in a fake report about a shooting and kidnapping last week. that type of prank call is called swatting because the goal is to get a s.w.a.t. team to respond to an address. in this case, the s.w.a.t. team shot and killed an unarmed resident.
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he previously served jail time in 2015. weeks after net neutrality was decided, they will regulate business practices to require net neutrality and make compliance to it a condition in state contracts. would it require net neutrality as part of cable franchise agreements and a condition for the right to attach cell or other wireless communications to utility poles. >> this gives the internet service providers so much power to decide what websites you can go to. they shouldn't have that power. that's a decision each of us should make. >> the cheryl of the s.e.c. claimed that rolling back net neutrality would eventually benefit them by allowing broad band providers to allow a wider variety of options. just ahead, taking a step in the right direction. >> i was definitely toward turn
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my life around but didn't have the tools or the resources to make the next positive step. >> but new concerns for charities. and these strange new buildings could change the san francisco skyline where you could see them soon. >> and do you have your tickets yet? there's still time. the big power play draw. >> oh, we're winning that! >> we're not winning this. this is afternoon commute in walnut creek. oncoming traffic is headed toward 680 north. sfx: tsfx: feet shufflingc life can change in an instant.
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there are growing concerns among charitable organizations that changes to the. at a code will keep people from donating money. >> a drop in donation cosmetic really be devastating for a lot of local groups. >> largin street youth services helps more than 2,500 homeless young people every year. >> which sounds like a really large number until you realize there are 1,300 young people on the streets every night. >> by the time i was 18, or 19, i had developed a fatherly serious drug problem and ended up on the streets of oakland. >> after finishing treatment at 22 years old, he needed a place to live. >> i was ready to turn my life around but didn't have the tools or the resources to make the next step. >> larkin street provided for
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housing, and hot meals. helped him get his g.e.d. and trained him for the job market. even provided work appropriate clothing when necessary. >> the impact is is i can't tell you where i would be without it. >> now a worry that the standard deduction could disincentivize people. >> with the change in the tax code, we do feel a major concern about it affecting those more middle income donors who really provide a bulk of our credit dollars. >> meals on wheels is also concerned. >> some studies suggest there might be as much as $13 billion over time reduced from charitable giving. >> a potential redeluxe hurt meals on wheels. especially since they are growing at 19% a year. requiring increasing, not declining donations.
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charitable organizations hope people will continue to support them so they can continue to support the people they serve. in san francisco, abc7 news. a nebraska nonprofit is the big winner in a bet made by warren buffett a decade ago. here's what happened in 2007. buffett bet $1 million that an s&p 500 stock index fund would outperform a basket of hedge funds over ten years. if he won. he promised to give it to the girls incorporated of omaha which provides he programs to inspire girls. as you can imagine, buffett was right. girls inc. will end up with it. it will cloud berkshire hathaway stocks. the shares now worth more than $2 billion. a month after the oakland unified school board approved $9 million in school cuts, the senior business officer is leaving. the district said vernon howell
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has stepped down from his post. some said he was responsibility for the budget crisis. the summit called him a long time dedicated servant of our students. a new high wise residential apartment complex proposed for south of market could be a real head turner. check it out. those might look like four separate buildings but there are two because of a unique spiral design. the first eight floors of each 39-story tower angled inward before coming together on level nine. the buildings work built at fourth and townsend streets. this is video of the location from drone view 7. abc7 news took a sneak peek institd convention center for hundreds of new cars, trucks and
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suvs. they're all on display. >> in addition to test drives around the convention center, we have test drives on the show floor. v.r. test drives. >> the show is open tomorrow, thursday, friday and sat. if you want more information, check out our web page. a huge chunk of change is up for grabs in tonight's powerball drawing. the size of the jackpot has grown to a whopping $460 million. making it the nation's tenth largest lottery prize ever. players do have until 7:00 to spend the $2 for a chance at the big prize. the odds of matching the numbers are 1 in 292 million. now, to find out if you have the winning numbers. just download the abc7 news
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no one won last night's mega million jack poly. two tickets matched five numbers for the second prize. one in florida and one in ohio. >> the lottery or crypto currency. weather is a much surer thing. >> we have a tell player low and then another round this evening which could complicated the evening rush even more. we have quite a bit of green. i want to show you, we're looking at spritz and sprinkles.
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nothing widespread like we saw some of the showers are beginning to exit. still rather wet on highway 4 at this hour. the wider picture, what we are tracking now. you look offshore and there's more activity brewing at this hour. even a lightning strike reported within the last five minutes or so with this next line of rain that you can see. we're going to time this out. live doppler 7 estimating hitting the coast at 6:00. later this evening, making it's way inland through concord just after 7:00. this will likely sbli wet weather as the evening rush gets underway. the temperatures are holding steady in the 50s. >> this system will ringer around us for the next couple days. at least through friday.
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it ranks a one. what we're track go is the chance of lightning moving through region. the winds do look to remain rather white. let's time it out. there's that next band of rain moving onshore. and likely we could see it. even by 8:00 at night, we're still tracking the showers. working from a west to east fashion. we're back on air. we'll see the activity and still some light showers are dotting the region. tomorrow morning, 8:30 in the morning, a lot of cloud cover. the majority of the region does look dry. perhaps a light sprinkle north of santa rosa. and it will really stay for the daylight hours on thursday.
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widespread rain by 11:30 at night. we're track go more rain moving through that will likely linger for the friday morning rush. so total rainfall with this system. about a quarter to three quarters of rain. overnight, showers early. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. you plan the next seven days. tomorrow, the best chance of widespread rain will be at night. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid 60s. by friday, light rain tapering. perhaps an early morning sprinkle before the sun gets up. sunday, the better of the two days and then another storm arrives tuesday night of next week. a new drug on the market could cure a genetic form of blindness.
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officials in the las vegas suburb of henderson have allowed the sale of 55 acres of land for a new raiders headquarters and practice facility. the price is $6 million. that's half the land's appraised value. the raiders plan to start the 2020 season at a new stadium in las vegas that's being partially funded by a tax increase. meanwhile, jon gruden is signaling that he is about to become the head coach. he's had talks with mark davis and to use his words, there is a good chance he'll get the job.
4:26 pm
he denied reports that he's been offered any ownership stake in the team. gruden coached in 1998 to 2001 before al davis traded him to tampa. if hired, he would replace jack davis. many of us know that meditation can help fight depression. making it a daily habit can be tough. the second book on the subject from dan harris. >> dan, in the book you wrote that you would be voted least likely to do anything mindful ever. that you're amaze that had hundreds of people show up to hear you talk about meditation. why do you think you are someone people are drawn to? and people want to read this book? >> because i'm openly a moron. i don't pretend to be some perfectly imper turnable guru
4:27 pm
sitting on a mountain in loin cloth. i'm a regular person. i also am very, very ambitious, type "a" as well and have a high profile job. >> i like him even more now. this how-to book is available now complete with exercises and example meditations. you can watch dan harris on "nightline" and "good morning america" weekends. new feuds brewing in wash d.c. >> this is not a game. this is not about, can i puff my chest out? >> the war of words between the president and north korea. by now you've already heard
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more security at harker middle school in san jose after police say a teacher was sexually assaulted and robbed inside her classroom yesterday morning. this is surveillance video of the suspect. the attack appeared to be random. the department of homeland security is in the north bay touring neighborhoods devastated by the october wildfires.
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we'll have an update on recovery efforts coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. drew tuma, tracking the light showers in the bay area. more than a dozen states are experiencing severe weather right now. some for the first time in decades. >> reporter: here in new york it is not snowing yet but crews are in florida. they're dealing with the first snowfall in nearly 30 years. >> the brutal winter weather slamming the south with a rare snowstorm. >> pretty wild. i've never seen palm trees with snow on them before. >> we've never seen this much snow ever. >> the carolinas, georgia and even florida all under a winter storm warning with snow, sleet and ice, ground go flights in
4:32 pm
jacksonville, closing schools and turning highways into ice skating rinks in tallahassee. >> florida highway patrol shutting down long stretches of interstate 10 in both directions because of this. the bridges, frozen over. >> in georgia, with conditions wreaking havoc on th roads. the governor declaring a state of emergency in at least 28 counties. parts of virginia and north carolina are now under a blizzard warning with officials nounlding heavy wind and snow in the region could create white-out conditions. >> all of that is not a good combination. and why we are encouraging people not to travel unless you have to. >> a plea to the public trying to avoid earlier scenes like this in buffalo. >> you can't see anything in front of you. everything was blurry. it was complete white-out. >> at least one person was killed and another seriously injured in another chain reaction crash on i-90 involving more than 20 vehicles.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: as far as snow totals are concerned, forecasters say it depends where you are along the coast. they say folks can see anywhere from an inch to a foot when this is all said than done. abc7 news. >> all right. thank you. all bundled up there. >> this storm is really odd snoeflt and ice in florida? >> it is a little disconcerting. >> we have snow as far south as georgia. and the system beginning to work its way up the east coast. it will undergo a process in what is known as bombogenesis. this is a rapidly strengthening storm. when it strengthens, it is said to have bombed out. it will bring heavy rain and snow in excess of 50 miles an
4:34 pm
hour. look at these advisories and warnings going up and down the east coast covering 18 states. the blizzard warnings where visibility will drop less than a quarter of a mile and major cities across the united states. the future weather showing you, once this storm strengthens, or bombs out by thursday morning, look at all this heavy snow from boston to new york city where we have the blizzard warnings in effect. in fact, new york city schools are closed. we'll have an update on our neck of the woods. >> sounds good. thank you. a potential breakthrough between north and south korea. the report says there were two brief calls but no answer to the south korea's suggestion that the two countries hold high level talks next week.
4:35 pm
just the fact the calls were made is pretty significant. the south had been calling the north twice a day for the last two years but the phone was never answered. meantime, joe biden is blasting are president trump. yesterday president trump asserted his nuclear button is much bigger and more powerful than north korea's. he also proclaimed tuesday button quote works. today joe biden called it unpresidential. >> this is not a game. this is not, can i puff my chest out bigger than your chest? it shows really poor judgment. >> biden made his comments on capitol hill where he participated in the swearing in of doug jones. today, footage prof
4:36 pm
government demonstrations. they came in response to the anti-government protests. iran's sprewell leader says the country's enemies are inciting violence. a new feud brewing in washington, d.c. what the president is saying about his former adviser. plus, back to work on capitol hill. a new senator sworn in today and the new agenda. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post with the #ask finney.
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trump is blasting his former chief strategist ahead of the release of bannon's new book. it is called fire and fewer. inside the trump white house written by michael wolff. he offers inside information. he said mr. trump never expected to win the presidential race. bannon describes a trump tower meeting between president's son and a group of russians as treasonous and unpatriotic. in a statement sent out this morning, he said steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my
4:40 pm
presidency. when he was fired, he not only lost his job. he lost his mind. also in washington, snarss return to comment hill after the holiday break and vice president pence was on hand to swear in two new senators. >> reporter: today the senate became a little less republican sflfl do you solemnly swear that you will uphold and support the constitution -- >> they swore in two new democrats. al franken's replacement, tina smith, seen with walter mondale. and alabama's doug jones, joined by his close friend, form he vice president joe biden. after beatiwinning in alabama. three republican heavyweights
4:41 pm
are retiring. senator orrin hatch's retirement opens the door for governor mitt romney who now lives in utah. he's been a frequent critic of president trump and could be a potential foe in the senate. >> should mitt romney run? >> congress is now racing to avert a government sunshine before fund examining buyers. also on the agenda, working on protections for the so-called dreamers. the president ended the daca program in september. >> he asked us to do that months ago and we have done nothing. nothing. i believe by january 19th, we need to take this up as one of the critical issues on our agenda. >> reporter: president trump dispatched two white house officials to meet with congressional leaders bust to director nick mulvanmulvany, the there to strike a budget deal. california lawmakers
4:42 pm
returned to work in sacramento today. for the first time since widespread allegations of sexual misconduct emerged at the state capital. one senator continues to resist pressure to resign even after being accused of abuse go young women on his staff. there are two empty seats after two resigned. >> and we had one line of showers move through earlier this year. you can see several lightning bolts. likely right after 6:00 in the evening. this next round of rain moves through. so the light to moderate rain even through friday. tonight, we'll keep that chance of lightning in the forecast and the winds do remain light. so future weather, there's the next line of showers moving through just in time for the evening commute. then as we get into 9:00, still
4:43 pm
the chance of a shower is in the forecast. we'll hop ahead into thursday. the 12-hour planner in the morning. 9:00, there could be a north bay sprinkle. the majority of the region will remain dry. light rain reenters by 9:00. the light rain becomes widespread again. so the forecast shows you, tomorrow, the best chance of showers will be tonight and they will continue with light rain into friday with the next storm arriving tuesday night into wednesday of next week. >> it sounds like a sports term. bombogenesis. >> or like a sports term. >> you probably heard about people moving out of san francisco. one business is bucking the trend moving into san francisco. plus, a pretty big change coming to in and out. the first big change in more
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shirley from pleasant hill asks, i canceled my three-year membership contract because it no longer met my needs. i refused to pay their cancellation penalty and now i've been referred to a collection agency. >> i'm with you. you can't just say, i void the contract. it doesn't matter and you have found that out, i see. talk to the gym's manager. see if you can find a resolution. if you need some guidance, you can call the hotline. it sounds like it has already went to the legal department. next, when will residents begin to see improvements on our roadways since we're paying more for our gas? >> a lot more. the 12 cent per gallon gas tax that went into effect last
4:48 pm
november. it is already paying for repairs. the governor put the repair program into effect already. the repairs are being made now. that means you should hopefully see some improvements soon. there's one hitch. there's a move to roll back the gas tax. >> this next one is kind of tricky. how can i claim retirement fund from a previous employer that is now closed? >> i'm so glad you're asking me this. i know this can be really frustrating. i want you to contact the western states pension assistance project. it is a sacramento based assistance program that will help you with any legal problems including find go your retirement program. they're wonderful. i did a story on them a few years ago. i'll post a link to the agency in my previous story. they're a wonderful agency. if you have a question for me, you can record a 10 to 15 dk
4:49 pm
second video. you can also retweet through my facebook major. >> so you can get access to that money? >> yes. we found this. her business had moved. all that stuff. going through them, they got her the money. $800 a month. >> well done. as you know, the holidays are over and that means it's time to get rid of all the stuff you don't want. today is national returns day. ups said it expected to hand $1.4 million returns today. and the boom in online shopping means people aren't going to stores anymore to return their sweaters and socks. a cure for blindness is about to hit the market but it comes at a very steep price. a new drug will cost $425,000 per eye.
4:50 pm
making it among the most expensive drugs available on the market. it can cure gentle blindness. sparks therapeutics was ed to lower the cost. a newly opened chocolate store in san francisco is doing more than just tempting chocolate lovers. it is actually beating the odds. the company started in sacramento and expanded to san francisco. an unusual move with so many people lately and businesses moving east. the reporter has the story from sacramento. >> do we have maple super in the frig? >> she launched her business ginger elizabeth chocolates a decade ago. >> being in sacramento has really pushed me as a chocolate ear.
4:51 pm
i've been able to grow with the ingredients. >> she partners with some 30 local growers to get her ingredients. berries, nuts, even olive oil. >> we really try to get everything from the central valley or the northern california coast. she has a store front in midtown. recently a dream of hers came true. >> about a month ago. we opened in the marina district. >> amid all the talk, here'se'ss business doing just the opposite. i thought it would be the perfect place. i grew up with this area and i'm used to it. >> it helps people. >> we have a lot of inn inn innn
4:52 pm
make go things happen. >> it really provides the back drop that sacramento for business. sacramento is a great place to live. and sacramento provides all the amenity that's are needed to raise a family. a lot of times you will see the small business owners want a co-heesive and collaborative environment to build their company in. >> cake is what i chose. >> she employs some 27 people between sacramento and san francisco bringing a taste of the central valley to the valley. >> more food news in and out. mixing things up. he's added something new to it's menu. the first change in more than a decade. you can now get hot cocoa at the chain. the first significant change since they add lemonade. that was 15 years ago. the cocoa hasn't appeared on the
4:53 pm
official website but we found it today in san jose. one possible reason, they plan to open a center in colorado. so after you finish skiskiing, grab the hot cocoa. a young woman is drawing lot of attention but not enough to go to the olympics. an airline passenger so fet up, we'll have the and thor or that
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
. a bay area girl, too young to go to the olympics. if she could she might bring home some gold medals. >> reporter: 12-year-old alyssa lu. this is how she skated last night. she scored an incredible 184 points, 16 points to win the junior women's title in the u.s.
4:57 pm
figure skating championships at the sap center. >> i was really shocked. i didn't believe it at first and then it sunk in. i was really surprised. >> reporter: surprised because she was swk a bad cold. >> last night before the competition, i got a really bad fever, my throat hurt. it was difficult to focus. but thinking about my technique and my jump. my jumps and spins and i got through program. >> managed to just get through? actually, she won with the second highest score ever in the junior division of the championships. this eighth grader is magical on the ice with her triple axles and lyrical lines. >> i think it is hard work and talent and what kind of coach you have. >> her coach has been with her all the way. >> she loves to skate. she works hard. and she loves challenges. that's what makes a champion.
4:58 pm
>> even with her victories on the ice, she is too young to compete in the junior world championships or the olympics. she's dispointed. >> because the younger skaters like me, we're just as good as the older ones. so i don't think age really matte matters. >> what matters is the skating. if that's true, her coach said she hasn't even reached her full potential. >> alyssa started skating at age 5. she won her first competition only six months later. a lip sync performance teaches dads an important rule. if you want to go viral, do not forget your leotard. i'm going to remember that. this is dance to single ladies. he even learned the routine from a professional choreographer. this video has more than 21 million views on facebook.
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go dad! thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. i talk to people daily who are still in hotels or a car. >> what residents know first hand. recovering from the wildfires is tough. plus, a bay area kennel promises peace of mind but that's the last thing one woman had. her dog was hurt by another dog. and dangerous roadways. cars are starting to slip and slide and crash. all of that as you might have heard the rain drops and some splashes, too, as the sights and sounds of rain return to the bay area.
5:00 pm
>> you are taking a look live at the commute along interstate 680 and walnut creek. there we go. the cars are moving. this looks to be the embarcadero. certainly wet out there. >> the rain began falling at the san mateo bridge. earlier this afternoon, the drivers need to be cautious as you look live. good evening. there is good reason to be careful out there. just take a look at this video. this video just coming into the newsroom. a truck hauling cardboard, overturned at 98th avenue. fortunately, police tell us every one is okay. >> then there was this crash on san ramon valley boulevard. one person reportedly suffered a minor injury. this is the first in a series of storms. let me show you. although rage has


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